Locally Run Practice Reporting

Practice Visuals aims to provide graphical and numerical practice reporting and advanced features in an easy accessible manner.

We access the database the same way OpenDental does and we keep all the processing local and do not send any data back to the cloud.

This makes Practice Visuals, the safest and the fastest reporting solution available for Open Dental.

Advanced Breakdown and Filtration of Reports

Get all the reports filtered, broken down and sorted by providers, procedures codes, , fees, assistant, referrals, dates and others to get detailed reporting breakdowns and comparison.

a few of our reports

There are over 100 KPIs to choose from but here are a few of them


Create fully customizable dashboards, add any Report, change the parameters and analyze your practice health in one simple click.

Start and End of Day Reports
(Morning and Evening Huddle)

Simplify your morning and end of day huddles by using our all-in-one page report.

User & Released Queries

Automate and run your Open Dental user and over 1300 released queries available on OpenDental’s website built into Practice Visuals.


Simplify and automate your provider and employee payrolls.

Patients Finder

Find a subset of patients and display their stats

Want to find female patients in their 20’s that have insurance and haven’t been in since last year?

You can do this easily – create a list, export the list or email them directly.