Monthly Trends

  • We have added providers breakdown, procedures breakdown and data breakdown table to the monthly trends report. Whenever supported, you will see the breakdown of the selected KPI and the month (or the whole date range) by providers, procedure categories and the data for it.
  • Redesigned Monthly Trends page slightly to put all data front and center.


  • Added Scheduled Production, Combined Production and Combined Net Production KPIs.
  • Optimized some KPIs.

Bug Fixes

  • Providers filter did not work properly on version 0.7.8 and has been fixed.

Other Features

  • You can now zero value rows from showing to clean up the tables.
  • Printing has been implemented for testing purposes in Monthly Trends report only.
  • Zooming out will now dynamically make the content fit to the space available to allow smaller text but more content to be visible.


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