Enhanced KPI Selection We have reformatted and recategorized over 120 KPIs available to you to make […]
Enhanced Reporting Interface Reports are now more responsive and each view and/or breakdown loads in the […]
Printing and Sharing Prints now include headers and will paginate properly. Sharing is also enhanced to […]
Quick Dates You can now right click on the data button and change or select a […]
Better Reports by Email The emailed reports are reformatted and will now include all the breakdowns […]
A New Type of Reporting We have simplified the way you would execute a report – […]
Visual Enhancements We have made several visual enhancements to make using Practice Visuals easier. KPI Selection […]
Start of Day / Huddle Report The much requested Huddle report is finally ready – check […]
Revamped Interface Interface has been completely revamped to allow us to better present reports and applications […]
Compare KPIs Trends app now allows you to compare KPIs to each other. An prompt will […]