Login We have added a true login based on OpenDental’s users with users, passwords and permissions. […]
Monthly Trends We have added providers breakdown, procedures breakdown and data breakdown table to the monthly […]
Emailing Updates You can now select all patients or only active patients. We will also implement […]
Added ability to mass email patients. Uses OpenDental’s email template as the master template. Ability to […]
Added KPIs: Adjustments %, Writeoffs %, Income % and Net Production %.Added KPIs Grid for easy […]
Added Hygiene % category of KPIs Added Average Production per new patient KPI. Added Active Patients […]
Enhanced Appointments Moved Report’s visual interface and filtering capabilities. Added automatic detection of Practice Established Date. […]
Added Multiple KPIs to Monthly Trends Report. Added Moved Appointments Report to track appointments created (permtype […]
Added Monthly Trends report concept. Implemented New Patients, Production and Adjustments so far. Added Carrier Breakdown […]