1. Practice Management Software: OpenDental version 19+.
  2. Operating System: Windows 10 version 2004+ (as of version 0.9.19) OR Windows Server version 2004+.
  3. CPU: Intel i5 7th generation or higher (minimum 4 Ghz).
  4. RAM: 8GB or higher.
  5. Network: Latency of 10ms or lower.
  6. Account: Microsoft account associated with the Microsoft Store on the workstation where it is being installed.

We recommend installing Practice Visuals on one of the office’s workstations that always stays on to ensure automations run. Practice Visuals is meant to be used by the whole team!

If you wish to install it on the office’s server, please contact us to help you with the installation.


We designed Practice Visuals to be a low cost, highly efficient and effective analytics software. Each database / office location needs a separate license.

License TypeDurationFee
All features.
2 weeks$0
One-Time Purchase
Will allow you to run over a 100 reports, create custom dashboards, morning and end of day and find specific patients.
Monthly Subscription
Automations: allows getting reports emailed to you on a schedule you set.
Exporting: allows you to print and/or export reports to excel or as images.

Download Instructions

Practice Visuals is designed using Microsoft’s latest modern and universal software platform. It is distributed via the Microsoft Store for direct download to your practice workstations. It is usually automatically updated unless you disable automatic updates.

To download and install Practice Visuals, you will need a Microsoft Account first. Please remember your license is tied to your Microsoft Account and you must use the same Microsoft Account on all the workstations to use the same license. You can download and install PV on as many workstations as you like within the same office.

Follow these steps to ensure a smooth installation experience:

Click on the “Start Button” on the workstation you wish to install PV and Search for “Store” and open the “Microsoft Store“.

Click on “Account Button” on the Top Right of the Store window and sign in with your Microsoft Account.

Now click on the Microsoft Store link here or the button below and click on “Free Trial” or “Install” or “Open“.

You will be either redirected to Practice Visuals page in Microsoft Store on the workstation or you will be prompted to pick a device to install PV on.

You will receive a desktop notification once PV has been installed and is ready for use. Unlike previous versions of Windows, no shortcuts will be created on the desktop automatically but you can find PV in the start menu.

Connection Instructions

Practice Visuals is designed to automatically detect and connect to the same server that your locally installed instance of OpenDental would connect to. However, there are some versions of Windows and some security settings that might prevent it from being able to automatically connect.

Follow this guideline to successfully connect to the OpenDental database:

If for whatever reason this doesn’t work, open OD and login with an admin account. Go to “Main Menu, click File > Choose Database” and copy paste the settings into PV. 

If you’re still having trouble connecting to the database, please click on “Get Support” so we can remote in to assist you within 2 business days.