Automations and Sharing Bug Fixes and other Enhancements
Interface Updated Windows Universal Platform controls and APIs to the latest version that utilize WinUI components. […]
Automations Automations are now hidden by default to speed loading of the main page. Interface has […]
Registration You no longer need to register each device – this will be done automatically as […]
Enhanced Automations Automations can now be edited and various filters applied to them. Automations interface has […]
Enhanced KPI Selection We have reformatted and recategorized over 120 KPIs available to you to make […]
Enhanced Reporting Interface Reports are now more responsive and each view and/or breakdown loads in the […]
Printing and Sharing Prints now include headers and will paginate properly. Sharing is also enhanced to […]
Quick Dates You can now right click on the data button and change or select a […]