• Added Monthly Trends report concept.
    • Implemented New Patients, Production and Adjustments so far.
  • Added Carrier Breakdown report.
  • Visual changes to use system accent color for carrier breakdown and procedures breakdown reports.
  • Added Production by Patient in Provider Performance report.
  • Settings page has been redesigned.
  • Automatic Connection Setup interface implemented.
    • Removed file access feature for now due to complications in app certification process.
  • Report view is now a personalization setting and will stick between reports.
  • Option to exclude practice totals and selected totals from table and/or graph.
  • Addition of % of total or % of highest for any selected KPI in both table and graph.
  • Better display of procedure categories in graph view with tooltips.
  • Redesigned interface to enlarge the progress bar and easier use of zoom in and out buttons.
  • Minor interface updates.



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