Patients Finder

  • Patients Finder has enhanced filters and search function that can be used to narrow down to a certain demographics.
  • Each Patient can be opened to see key details and KPIs for that patient.
  • See their Basic information in a graphical method, their balances, net production, production per appointment and several other KPIs, how long they have been patients, number of broken appts, their last visit, their appointment history.
Filter Patients
Patient KPIs and Report

Program Links in OpenDental

  • Patient Report can be opened directly from within OpenDental.
  • This will give you access to their reports and in the future we will be adding features like easy payment plans and other actions from within Practice Visuals.

End of Day

  • You can now see more details in the end of day report.
  • Future Appointments: you can now visually determine if future appointments were made, who booked them and if those appointments are hygiene appointments.
  • Clinical Notes: you can now see if clinical notes were made for the billed procedures (as group notes or separately) and if these are signed or not. You can also review the notes by clicking on the button.
End of Day Appointment

Calendar App

  • Calendar app has been redesigned to allow easier access to breakdowns.
  • Weekly Totals and Averages: you can now visually see and determine which day of the week is your most productive in terms of any KPI.
Calendar App with Day of Week Totals and Averages

Trends App

  • Trends app has also been redesigned to allow easier access to breakdowns and selection of period type.
Provider Breakdown


  • Writeoffs (default): will now use the default method of calculating writeoffs setup in OpenDental.
  • Writeoffs (procedure): will calculate based on date of procedure.
  • Writeoffs (payment): will calculate based on date of payment.
  • Hygiene Active Patients: will track the practice’s active patients who have been see by the hygiene department.
  • New Patients and Accounts Receivables: has been improved to completely match OpenDental reporting’s query algorithm.


  • Admin Email: is now mandatory to enter an administrator email which will be verified before Practice Visuals can be used.
  • Error Reporting: connection error reports for the scheduler will be sent to the admin email if enabled.
  • Add-Ons: we have built in an add-ons feature which is currently disabled but once enabled will allow access to certain features. This will allow us to easily add features to Practice Visuals and maintain it and provide support.
  • Payment Plans: is in design stages and will be ready for use in the next version. The UI has been enabled to get some user feedback on it. Based on the feedback we will be designing this feature.
  • Sending Emails: fixed a bug in recent version where test email worked but actual emails did not send.
  • Scheduler: added cycle filter to tasks and dashboards.
  • Support: now you can request support from within Practice Visuals with a click of a button.
  • Quick Date Selection: enhanced UI for easier date selection.
Quick Date Selection


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