Revamped Interface

  • Interface has been completely revamped to allow us to better present reports and applications to the user.
  • The interface is now like a wizard that will walk you through all the relevant parameters to get to the report you want.
  • This will also allow us to develop Practice Visuals faster and easier.
the new wizard interface.
simplified and smart date filter selection
new tabbed settings page


  • Will now show provider breakdowns for KPIs that support it.
  • Also will show you graphically what the provider filter is for the KPI.
  • It is also now much easier to change filters and edit a dashboard.

End of Day

  • Will now show you provider breakdown for certain insights.
  • Patients are now clickable in this report which will open up the patient report.
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Automations / Schedule Reports

  • You can now virtually and easily automate (schedule) any of our reports and KPIs with modifiable actions.
  • You can run automations at anytime from within Practice Visuals or click on them and see the report with the specified filters already applied.

User Queries

  • You can run custom queries by adding them to OpenDental.
  • These queries can be automated, sorted, filtered, printed, shared and much more!
  • You won’t ever need to manually change the date on your custom queries because Practice Visuals will recognize the need for a custom date parameter and present you with options.
User Queries
Custom Parameters
Sort, Filter, Share, Print, Automate

User Permissions

  • Practice Visuals will now allow all your OpenDental users access it if you want them to!
  • All permissions follow the reports and other relevant permissions set in OpenDental.
  • When a provider logs in to Practice Visuals, they are only able to see their own reports and KPIs and not anybody else’s except in Dashboards.


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