• Automations are now hidden by default to speed loading of the main page.
  • Interface has been improved to allow editing and a table view.
  • Automations algorithm has been improved and several bugs fixed.

Web Queries

  • You can now access all the valid queries (over 1300 as of today) available on the OpenDental website.
  • The data will be transformed and you can directly open patients in Practice Visuals or OpenDental.
  • You can edit the query and set custom parameters.
Web / Released Queries


  • You can now share to providers with email addresses and other emails.
  • You can also easily save the report as images and/or spreadsheets.
New Sharing interface

Bug Fixes and other Enhancements

  1. Subscriptions issues for some has been fixed.
  2. Several other smaller bug fixes on some devices.


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