Emailing Updates

  • You can now select all patients or only active patients.
  • We will also implement “Email” button to various tables to allow you to select certain group of patients easier.
  • You can use [FName], [LName], [Birthdate], [WirelessPhone], [HomePhone] and [WorkPhone] tags in your body to personalize the emails.
  • Clear list of recipients in one click.
  • Search through list of recipients to delete specific ones.
  • User interface for emails has been improved.

Monthly Trends Average Data and Drill Down to Table

  • You can now double click on any data column in the monthly trends graph to see the underlying data.
  • The interface for the data drill table has been improved and personalized.
  • E.g. Worked Days KPI will show the actual days worked.


  • Added Procedures, No Charge Procedures and No Charge Procedures % KPIs.

Bug Fixes

  • Monthly trends would sometimes not load properly. This has been fixed.

Version & Updates

  • You can now see what version of Practice Visuals you are on.
  • You can also automatically download and install updates from within the settings and not entirely rely on automatic Microsoft Store updates.

  • Minor improvements to the user interface.


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