• We have added a true login based on OpenDental’s users with users, passwords and permissions.
  • Please note only users with access to “User Queries” can access Practice Visuals now.
  • Database connection has also been moved to the login page now.
The new login page.

Scheduled Tasks

  • You can now schedule tasks to be sent automatically by email.
  • Each report can have its own scheduled task.
  • For scheduled tasks to run, the app can be closed but the workstation running Practice Visuals and the database server must be on.
  • You can see a summary of your scheduled tasks in settings.
  • Currently scheduled tasks are supported for Provider and Employee Payroll reports but they will be brought onto all reports in the final version.
An example of an emailed report.
Scheduled tasks summary.

Provider Payroll and Employee Payroll Reports

  • We have added two types of reports to make HR management easier for users.
  • Provider Payroll has custom setup to allow you to setup providers salaries to be calculated automatically.
  • Employee Payroll will now provide employee hours in each payroll cycle in graphical or tabular manner for easy entry into your HR software (quickbooks, Wave Accounting, ADP, etc).
  • We plan to integrate these with their APIs in the future.
Scheduled tasks setup for Providers Payroll.
Example of a Provider Payroll Report.

Bug Fixes

  • Some users did not see any users at the previous login page on version 0.8.1 and this has been fixed.
  • Monthly trends loading was very slow on some computers. This has been now fixed. You will now have to click on each breakdown to load it.
  • New Patients KPI has been optimized to more accurately reflect new patients the same way OpenDental calculates new patients.

Other Features

  • You can now enter laboratory and extra materials codes manually to be used in Practice Visuals.
  • You can now enter email addresses for administrator and/or payroll administrator to be used for scheduled tasks.
  • You will now be redirected to the website to see version changes with each update.
  • Added support for x86 systems.
  • Notifications for tips will now light up if there are new notifications so even if you disable teaching tips, you can be notified that there was a new teaching tip.


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