End of Day Report

  • We have added a new report called End of Day that is a dashboard to view everything that happened on a single day (usually today or yesterday).
  • Currently, it will show Insights for the net production, new patients, production per worked hours, production per appointment hours, average wait time, broken appointments, patient portions uncollected and patients not reappointed same day.
  • In addition, you can see a summary of all appointments, all procedures that were performed that day with the tooth number and surfaces, patient portions uncollected for that procedure, wait time for the appointment, the provider, the hygienist, who booked the appointment, who was the assistant and all the patients next appointments and who booked them.
  • We are working to add clinical and administrative notes as well to allow you to see which procedures have a notes completed or if something was missed. We will also display all the commLogs entered on that day.
  • Once complete, we will add this report to the scheduler as well to allow you to get a snapshot at end of day!
End of Day Report


  • We have added a few KPIs to Practice Visuals that can now be used across the software:
    1. Patient Portion Uncollected: shows any patient portions that are to be collected after calculating adjustments, writeoffs, insurance estimates and what the patient paid.
    2. Non-Prebooking %: shows a percentage (and the data) for patients that were not booked back for their next appointment on the day they were seen.
    3. Patients Not Reappointed: shows the patients that were not reappointed for their next visit on the day they were seen.


  • We have revamped the interface and the schedules slightly to allow selecting a time to run the report at.
  • Scheduled reports can now have filters for provider and procedure codes applied to them as well.
  • You can now schedule reports for Provider Production, Provider Productivity, Provider Performance, Patient Counts, Treatment Planned, Carrier Breakdown, Provider and Employee Payroll.
New Scheduler

Carrier Breakdown Report

  • This report will now allow you to select and group by Fee Schedule.
  • We have added a Production Per Appointment Hours KPI to this report to aid in tracking performance of the carrier in addition to the performance KPI.
  • Performance KPI now has a description to better understand how it works.

The enhancements to Carrier Breakdown Report are a part of our ongoing beta testing. Credit for the ideas go to Rajeev Oza. We would like to again thank our early adopters!

New Carrier Breakdown Report Table View

Enhancements to Other Reports

  • Provider Production, Provider Performance, Provider Productivity, Patient Counts, Treatment Planned Report now all use a new interface for the table view where you can sort, group, show/hide columns, see group totals for all columns.
  • You can also now double click on any data to view the data breakdown for the KPI.
New Table View

Bug Fixes and Other Enhancements

  • Fixed issues with the table view showing blank for some users.
  • Enhancement to now allow selection of whether reports should be auto-refreshed when filters are changed or not.
  • Enhancements to quick date range selector and previous and next buttons are now smart to reflect what has been selected. For example, if you select one day, it will increase or reduce by one day and if you select a month, it will increase or reduce by one month.


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