Enhanced Reporting Interface

  • Reports are now more responsive and each view and/or breakdown loads in the background for a faster interface.
  • You can breakdown the loaded report by days and weeks, months, quarters or years easily and quickly in addition to the other breakdowns. This allows you to easily see trends for different KPIs and how your practice is performing over a longer period of time.
The new report interface

Multiple Instances

  • We now support multiple instances / windows of Practice Visuals open at the same time as well allowing you to multi-task and run multiple reports at the same time.
Multiple windows for multiple reports

Data Drills

  • You can double click on any chart or day in various views to open the data breakdown window.
  • You will now have all the breakdowns loading in the background for the period selected.
The new breakdowns window interface

Start of Day Report

  • Is now broken down into the insights for the day, week, month and you can filter the appointments by provider or by assistant ready for the huddle.
The new start of day report interface
  • You will also now see what percentage of the week and/or month has already been done and what your goal achievement has been broken down by providers.
Goal Achievements in Start of Day Report

New Reports / KPIs

  • Goal Achievement.
  • Same Day Acceptance %.
  • Same Day Completion %.
  • Hygiene Visits / Patient.
  • Several minor enhancements to Reports and breakdowns.

Printing and Sharing

  • Emailed reports are now more user friendly and will actually allow you to see the data breakdowns.
  • You will also now receive a prompt if your data breakdown is very large and printing preparation will take a long time.
The new emailed reports interface.


  • Universal search now works even better.
  • Searching for a term in a KPI will now rank searches and put the closest match higher.
  • Reports will now carry their color coding in search results.
The new search interface.

Bug Fixes and other Enhancements

  1. You can now set the printing DPI to display more or less depending on your preference.
  2. Several visual enhancements and bug fixes.
  3. Quick date filter for fiscal year fixed.


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