Enhanced KPI Selection

  • We have reformatted and recategorized over 120 KPIs available to you to make finding relevant reports easier and faster.
New KPI Selection Page

Patient’s Breakdown and Analysis

  • Our patients finder app now has patients breakdown and analysis to give you a quick breakdown of the patient seen within a specific date range and provider filter.
Patients Breakdown
Patients Analysis

New Providers, Procedures and Carriers Report

  • We have made enhancements and revamped the interface of these reports to make them more print friendly.
  • Procedures Report is now much faster and able to give you procedure codes breakdowns for any reports that support filtering by Procedure Codes.
New Procedures Report

Bug Fixes and other Enhancements

  1. Payroll settings wasn’t being saved and had to be reset everytime.
  2. Fixed where Writeoffs by Payment Date did not include the last day in the selected period.
  3. Several visual enhancements and bug fixes.
  4. Enhancements to Seen Patients and Patients Count category of KPIs.


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